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30 lessons with selected assignments to be emailed to MV tutor. Tutor is assigned at the time of the course enrollment. Upon successful completion of the 30 lessons, you will receive a certificate of completion. There are no prerequisites to enroll in the home study course. Specifics are:

  • No prerequisites
  • 30 Lessons
  • Open - book final exam
  • Final appraisal report
  • Tuition; see registration page for pricing details
  • Certificate of Completion for successfully completing the course or Register MasterValuer Certification with qualifying certificate in gemology.

MasterValuer Course Material and Highlights

You will learn the principles and methodology for accurate jewelry appraising and discover how to put the new information into immediate use in your appraisal practice, and feel confident about writing gems and jewelry appraisal reports for the jeweler or private client.

Course topic highlights:

  • ABC's of appraisal basics
  • Value Theory & Principles that impact jewelry appraising
  • Methods used by today's appraiser to estimate value
  • Developing worksheets that work!
  • How to research and write accurate, justifiable, insurance appraisals
  • Every appraisal has a purpose and function, be sure you know how to recognize it!
  • The multilayered markets - where and how to research value
  • Understanding market prices
  • Using the Internet for justifiable prices
  • The legal and ethical constraints of determining value
  • Determining the values of contemporary and antique jewelry
  • Understanding manufacturing methods and their impact on value
  • Developing expertise in jade valuation
  • Complying with industry standards and disclosure laws
  • Meeting criteria for an accurate jewelry appraisal for fair market value
  • Case studies ~..And much more!

Course time limit: 12 months, most finish in 5-6 months

What you receive

Upon successful completion of the final exam you receive a Certificate of Completion

Textbooks needed for the MV correspondence course:

  • Gems & Jewelry Appraising: Techniques of Professional Practice - 2nd Edition - available on
  • Illustrated Guide to Jewelry Appraising: Antique, Period, & Modern - 3rd Edition. Available on
  • 3 - Day workshop - required to receive a Registered Master Valuer Diploma (you are assigned a unique RMV number at this time), once you have completed the 30 correspondence lessons.. The workshop covers the practical side of appraising, including stone valuing, metal grading (e.g. 14K, 18K, etc), determination of real vs. fake Rolex and other high end watches, plus many other practical exercises necessary for any appraiser.
  • Tuition $1295.00/$500
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3-day workshops

The 3-day workshops are conducted in various locations throughout the world. Please call (MV International) on 800-731-1122.
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